Their names, they sign them, to the point of the sword, a Z who wants to tell Zorro… and a D who wants to tell Django! After they announced the writing of a Star Trek , and while his ninth film, Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood , acclaimed in competition at the last Cannes film festival, was released in August, Quentin Tarantino is preparing a sequel to its western Django Unchained with… Diego de la Vega.

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An association to be far from a coincidence. According to the website Collider , this new feature will be inspired by Django/Zorro , a comic book published in 2014 by DC and Dynamite Entertainment and written by Quentin Tarantino himself. The filmmaker has hired the actor and comedian Jerrod Carmichael to work on the sequel to the feature film released in 2012 (the biggest hit of his career with 425 million dollars of global revenues).

Django and Zorro against the “slavery” Django/Zorro”, comic book published in 2014 by DC and Dynamite Entertainment. Dynamite Entertainment – DC Comics – Comic Book Django

The plot takes place a few years after the events of Django Unchained . Threatened with an arrest warrant, the cow-boy avenger travels through the western United States. His wife, Broomhilda, is safe in Chicago. On his route, he crosses the path of Don Diego de la Vega, alias Zorro, and decides to become her bodyguard. The two men then give the mission to save the indigenous peoples from slavery.

If the adventure is part of the continuity of the first Django , an uncertainty remains. Who will be the developer? For the moment there is no indication that Quentin Tarantino is behind the camera. It could simply just work on the scenario.

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crossing the destiny of these two heroes, which is realized by pursuing the creation of a great family through his works. And if Don Diego de la Vega was the brother of Vic (Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs ) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta in Pulp Fiction )? Mr. Tarantino, you had our curiosity, now you have our attention.