The allegations of sexual abuse against R. Kelly accumulate: the famous american singer, already the target of several investigations, has been charged in the State of Minnesota on Monday to solicitation of underage prostitute. This new episode court comes a few days after he pleaded not guilty in New York for several charges, including racketeering. He is accused of having kidnapped, sequestered, threatened, and filmed, without their knowledge, many young girls and women in four different States.

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according To the office of the prosecutor of the county of Hennepin, which includes the city of Minneapolis, he is accused in Minnesota of solicitation of underage prostitute and solicitation of a minor. According to the prosecutor, Mike Freeman, the facts alleged against the singer 52-year-old date back to July 2011. The alleged victim, under the age of 18 years old at the time, wanted the autograph of the translator of I Believe I Can Fly , at the time one of the biggest stars in american music. R. Kelly has invited her to come to his hotel. Here, “we offered him $ 200 for that, she takes off her clothes and dance for him,” explained the prosecutor. The young girl is executed.

Used to take advantage of its power with minor

According to the prosecutor, sexual contact took place, but no report. Accused for decades of having incited underage girls to have sex with him, and even to have established a network of sex slaves, the singer is now the subject of a series of proceedings launched against him since the beginning of the year. He had already been accused in the beginning of the year, before a court of the State of Illinois, of sexual abuse with aggravating circumstances. On 16 July, he pleaded not guilty to a series of felony charges in federal court in Chicago, a different level of jurisdiction. The federal prosecutor in his home town accused of sex with minor, a federal crime under certain conditions.