“Dirty black”. The insult is unacceptable. Donel Jack sman has managed to keep his cool when a spectator threw in the middle of a performance in Nice, Sunday, December 23. This comedian 37-year-old, originally from cameroon and grew up in Villiers-le-Bel, a paris suburb, was posted Wednesday on the social networks, an excerpt of this representation. We hear a voice uttering the ignominious insult three times, after a replica on the fact that a spectator assumes the risk of its vote to the far-right party national Front (later renamed the national Gathering).

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The man could not be identified but a lady sent a video to the comedian who posted it as an example on social networks, stating that it was not set up with an accomplice. “A thought for all the people who suffer racism and discrimination on a daily basis, often alone and in the indifference of the most complete! We love them despite our differences”, he made in the message that accompanies it.

That earned him hundreds of responses and evidence, until the minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, on Twitter: “It is unimaginable, and yet the words of hatred are released… turn down that which seems banal for these racist common, because this never is ordinary.”

Donel Jack sman said that he is preparing a complaint “not for the money but for the principle”, to give the courage to all victims of discrimination” to do the same. The comedian, who plays himself in some of the sketches with the pictures on the communities, believes that we “can laugh about everything but not evil”. “The fight against racism must be conducted by all the world. The French people want to live together, this is the most important”, he concluded.