If these objects could speak, some tell the hours of the House’s mythical Radio: Rachid Taha, Franz Ferdinand or the Dandy Warhols electrifying the studio 105 at the Black Sessions of the show Lenoir , or Stones Desproges exploding laughter of his audience in The Court of Flagrant Delirium of Claude Villiers… the content of The five studios means of Radio France is going to be sold at auction before the renovation of these spaces dedicated to the registration of the issuance in public. The work is planned over four years.

The indictment against Jean-Marie Le Pen of Pierre Desproges in The Court of Flagrant Delirium

The sale will comprise both instruments of music studios 105, 106, 107, 110 and 111 – pianos, harp, timpani, percussion and hardware digital audio, such as tape recorders, consoles, sound systems, voice recorders, reportage Nagra, analog consoles Studer… “of The items proposed may be of interest to different audiences, says Peggy Dreyer, communications manager at Radio France. There will be a few vintage pieces, more intended for collectors, but most of the lots proposed are quite recent. In good condition, they work perfectly, for a reduced price. They may, therefore, be of interest to small theatres, music schools, and any structure having a small budget.”

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A sale of “physical” and online

The operation will take place on two supports. A first sale will be held on Saturday, January 19 at studio 105: it will be a part of the equipment for digital audio (14 hours) and a piano studios (14: 30). These are of variable values, the salle Gaveau right in varnished mahogany from 1952 estimated 100 to 200€ until Steinway black lacquered tail of 1977, an estimated 10.000 to 15.000€. The sale catalogues are available on art-richelieu.fr. Another auction is held online, on drouotonline.com Monday 7 to Monday 28 January. It will affect the rest of the material, audio and musical instruments, excluding pianos: harp, bells, timpani…

The public will be able to discover and try out all of the items offered on appointment, on January 14 for technical equipment sold online, and 18 (from 11 hours to 18 hours), and 19 ( 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.) for all the instruments of music, as well as for the material sold on the afternoon of 19 January at the House of the Radio.

As to the money raised, it will not be necessarily directly to the renovation of the studios means. “It will be fed back into the overall budget, in a stratification of diversification of cash flows to accompany the evolution of digital Radio in France,” explains Peggy Dreyer.