Raging in China a new deadly virus

Another virus struck in China after the pandemic coronavirus and new faces misfortunes of others.

According to the newspaper Global Times, China has identified dozens of cases of severe fever with thrombocytopenic syndrome (SFTS).

the First infected appeared in Jiangsu province and a few days contracted for 60 people, including in neighboring Anhui province.

at least seven of the cases resulted in the death of patients. All patients experienced cough, fever, and reduction of leukocytes and platelets in the blood.

Previously, the virus is transmitted to people from ticks, but transmission from an infected person to other people.

for the First time about the virus became known in 2011, but major outbreaks of the disease has not yet recorded. The CPS is assured that in Russia there is not a single case of infection with the new virus.

Recall “released” from China coronavirus has infected more than 19 million people worldwide, the number of deaths exceeded 712,5 thousand