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Rainbow Python goes viral on social media with the hashtag ‘Stunning’

The reptile Zoo’s MyLove snake is a motley-golden child, reticulated, python.

This snake is simply amazing.

The beautiful reticulated Python at The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, California has become a viral sensation thanks to her stunning scales which shine like a rainbow when the sun hits them.

MyLove, the snake was featured on the Zoo’s Instagram account last week. It was shown in a video where a handler holds her in the sun.

The caption to the video was: “MyLove’s iridescence just doesn’t get old.”

The video has been liked over 31 735 times since it was uploaded last week. Many Instagram users commented on the snake’s colorful and bright scales. They called her “beautiful” and “stunning.”

Jay Brewer, founder of The Reptile Zoo, said that MyLove was bred by the zoo. She has the motley and golden child genes, which are what make her scales bright and colorful in the sunlight.

Brewer said to Fox, “She’s super, super sweet snake.” “Her disposition is the best I have ever seen.”

He said that MyLove isn’t the first viral MyLove. They get lots of attention whenever they post photos of her on social networks.

Brewer stated that she is “probably one of the most well-known snakes in the entire world.” “She’s really, truly made it big online.”

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