From the first seconds of this new trailer, the voice of the legendary colonel Trautman echoes. “You face an expert of firearms, edged weapons, body-to-body…”… A glance easily recognizable from the first installment of the saga, First Blood . In the background of this warning, of black and white images draw on the ancient feats of arms of Rambo. The bow is strung, the arrow hits its target: the nostalgia of the audience.

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The last fight of Stallone

In this new phase, the Vietnam veteran seems to have finally retired after his last adventure in Asia. Back to the country, he takes care of his ranch and a daughter who considers him as his uncle. Above all, he tries to forget her past. It was without counting on a gang mexican, which removes the only thing that matters now for him, his family. The elite soldier will then have to reconnect with its origins, and to put aside any form of redemption if he wants to hope to save his “niece”.

The trailer is intense. The voice of Stallone serves as a red thread between the images of combat readiness, explosions, blood and shootings, which conclude the trailer beauty. Rambo sharpens his knife mythical, gathers his bow, prepares his traps with a grenade, a fork and a assault rifle.

But the atmosphere is different from the previous movies. A hat screwed on the head, a ranch, the plains of sight, a violence without pity: the next feature film has all the trappings of a western!

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In what will probably be the last part of the saga (the first First Blood , the last Last Blood , the loop is closed), Stallone and director Adrian Grunberg seem to want to offer viewers and fans a final fireworks by bringing together everything that has made until then, the popularity of the character. Traps in the forest, bow, knife, explosions… A cocktail that should allow to confirm the status of legend of the famous green beret, the September 25, 2019.