His ex-companion Linda P. accuses him of having assaulted her on January 19, 2021, and was summoned the same day before the criminal court for home invasion and minor damage, according to the public prosecutor.

The artist and his ex-girlfriend had been placed in police custody on Wednesday and were released without judicial supervision, said the Evry prosecution.

In this case, the rapper, who disputes the charges, was first placed in police custody at the end of September and came out free, without prosecution.

Resident in Essonne, the rapper from Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis), 42, had been heard since Wednesday morning at the police station in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, south of Paris.

On July 7, 2022, Linda P. had filed a complaint against Kaaris, with whom she has a child, for violence, at the origin of the opening of a preliminary investigation in Evry. The rapper has filed a complaint for slanderous denunciation.

In her complaint consulted by AFP, Linda P. accuses Kaaris, to whom she went on January 19, 2021, of having assaulted her in her garage by kicking and punching her and tearing her nails. .

Kaaris’ lawyers accuse the ex-companion of having “entered” their client’s home “illegally by climbing a wall”, of having “damaged his vehicle” and of having “thrown on him to attack him” .

The French rapper, born in Ivory Coast, found success with the release of his album “Or Noir”, which helped popularize in France the style of trap, a genre of rap from the southern United States. .

A former protege of rapper Booba, he and Kaaris have since fallen out, a quarrel that led to a fight between the two men and their entourages at Orly airport in August 2018. Kaaris was sentenced in October 2018 to 18 months in prison. suspended sentence for these facts.