a Few hours after having given his first concert abroad on the occasion of the festival English of Glastonbury, Lil Nas X has found the courage to make a revelation very personal. “Some of you may already know, some don’t care, others will stop to follow me. But before the end of this month, I want all that you pretiez attention to c7osure ( the title of his latest single, ED )” has tweeted the young rapper on 30 June, punctuating his message of a rainbow, a smiley, enthusiastic and a star, by way of introduction to his new video.

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For this message to which few people expected, Montero Lamar Hill, marital status, chose to do his coming out in the eyes of the world. A surprisingly well accepted by its fans if we are to believe the reactions: 100.000 retweets and 531.000 likes for this one message. The native of Georgia and more specifically Atlanta has then posted a picture zoomed in of the cover of her album 7ep , where is a rainbow (a symbol of the community LGBTQ) and said: “I thought it was obvious.”

“I’m no longer faking it”

His song c7osure is in itself quite revealing. In the video, made as a cartoon of fifteen seconds, turning in the loop, we see a young man, probably in his avatar, escape from a situation of conflict. In a world of black and white, he was upset and mute to a meal with several members of his family who écharpent. The colors reappear when he fled propelled like a rocket before landing on a beach, sipping a cocktail and surrounded by two young girls in a bathing suit. Obviously in a hurry to move forward and ready to fully take on, he sings: “I am not pretending, I should just let myself grow. More red light for me, just green, it is necessary that I launch out […] I know, I tell myself that this is not the right time but when I repenserai at this time, I see that I’m fine.”

music Lover at heart, the young man began the trumpet in CM1 but stopped the practice in high school, when he tries to make himself a reputation on the internet. Then, iI began his graduate studies at the university of Western Georgia, but stops in the course of the first year and takes up small jobs to undertake. Before its huge success, the young American, signed with Columbia Records, pushes the song on the social network TikTok. It is on this platform that it is made known in December 2018 with the song Old Town Road , a mixture of country and rap, as young people resume wearing stick-in cowboy. This is the “yeehaw challenge”. Classified quickly number 1 in Billboard, the song is finally forced out due to his “non-compliance of the criteria” of country music. In a pretty foot of nose to this decision, the star Billy Ray Cyrus brings his support and joins Lil Nas X April 2019 to save a version as a duo.

Since then, her career continues to soar and he recorded some solo or with other stars, such as Cardi B. His style is now resolutely rap and hip-hop, an environment where homosexuality is not always well accepted. Even if the mentalities of some of the heavyweights of the industry strongly condemn the homophobia, in the image of Jay-Z, Asap Rocky, Kanye West or even Frank Ocean who had made his coming out in 2012.