The season of ceremonies for the awards was open, and that of the Razzie Awards just pin it to his side what Hollywood has been able to produce worse in the past year. While the film Gotti: the godfather arrives at the head of the appointments, Donald and Melania Trump have not escaped the radar of the Razzie and can be found also in the running to be rewarded during the ceremony.

Among the nominations for the Razzie announced on Youtube this Sunday, Donald Trump and Johnny Depp are both mentioned twice: in the category of worst actor, first for his own role in the documentary Death of a Nation and Fahrenheit 11/9 , the second for his dubbing of the film Sherlock Gnomes , as well as in the category of worst screen duo, Trump with his “pettiness forever”, Johnny Depp with “his career, which declines rapidly”. Death of a Nation is also named as worst remake, plagiarism or suite, and as a worst-case scenario.

on the side of The actresses, the wife of the american president, Melania Trump, and the adviser of the White House are both nominated in the category of worst actress in a supporting role for their appearance in Fahrenheit 11/9 , alongside Marcia Gay Harden ( Fifty shades lighter ), Jaz Sinclair ( Slender Man ) and Kelly Preston for her role in Gotti: the godfather.

On the nine categories of the Razzie Awards, the biopic dedicated to the life of the gangster John Gotti is in the lead in nominations with six of them (including worst actor for John Travolta), as Holmes & Watson Etan Cohen and Carnage in the Puppets Brian Henson. Robin hood , directed by Otto Bathurst, will have three times the opportunity to receive a raspberry and gold, in the categories of worst film, worst actor in a supporting role (Jamie Foxx), and worst remake, plagiarism or suite.

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The 39th ceremony of the Razzie Awards will take place on the night of 23 to 24 February, on the eve of the 91st awards of the Oscars.