After ten days and ten nights, the festival breton was completed on Sunday evening. Approximately 75,000 people attended the August 4, the Grand Parade of nations, the celts, parade of 3,500 musicians and dancers in traditional costumes, opened by the bagad of Lann Bihoué. A record attendance, with about 800,000 people over the duration of the event.

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The regions the Celts are honoured

This festive gathering celebrates the nations of the celts, which include the Acadia, Asturias, Cornwall or the Galicia, a region located in the north-west of Spain, guest of honour for this year on the theme “At the end of the journey, the joy and the warmth of the Celts of the South”. The iconic city that embodies this autonomous community is its capital, Saint-Jacques-of-Compostelle, the point of convergence of one of the pilgrimages, the most famous of Europe. The walking trails of the pilgrimage to the millennium destination of Santiago de Compostela are experiencing a revival of affluence and are frequented every year by hundreds of thousands of people.

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outside the Big Parade, the Festival interceltique de Lorient has offered 200 concerts but also lectures, screenings, fest-noz (festivals, typical breton blending music and dance). As well the participants were able to listen to the Cltic Electro, the scottish Peatbog Faeries, the group breton Noon, or the Galician Mercedes Peon. The next edition of the Festival interceltique, which will be the fiftieth, will be held from 7 to 16 August 2020 and Britain will be put at the honor.