Recruiter: Graduates during a pandemic need to take any job, even low paid

the St. Petersburg Young professionals during a pandemic COVID-19 should take any job, even low paid, and most importantly — close to specialty. Such opinion on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” was expressed by the expert personnel of the Agency Irina of Dardania.

“the Situation is very serious, but we will consider it as temporary. And now the graduates are divided into those who understand the urgency of the moment, and who do not understand. The number of jobs has decreased, however the work is. Students need to watch the sites for employment, to do summary. Not to be offended when an employer asks you a certificate stating that you are not ill by the coronavirus in the interview,” said Darjania.

Specialist advises after writing of the diploma not to rest for a few months, and to begin job search immediately.

“In any case, the number of jobs declined, and the index didn’t recover to that level, which was. For example, enterprises now have skilled engineers and young people who come out of University with an engineering degree should understand that engineers will not take them. Let them go to the installers, but it is important to start working on positions close to the field, otherwise it will be difficult to get back into the profession”, — tells Irina of Dardania.

According to her, the young professionals need to accept even low offers, because the most important thing — experience.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that by the end of summer the work will lose 130 thousand Petersburgers.

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