In addition to the two “priorities” which are purchasing power and full employment, “I propose that we radically change the method to reduce the expenditure” of the State, indicated the Minister of Finance on the occasion of the Rencontres economic centers of Aix-en-Provence.

“I propose that it is the parliamentarians who take up the subject, and no longer the government”, added the n°2 of the executive, who confirmed the presence of the Renaissance deputy Daniel Labaronne within a “task force which will fundamentally rethink public spending”.

“I consider that the only ones who have the legitimacy to do this work are the deputies and the senators”, judged Bruno Le Maire, who all the same dismissed from the outset “the savings of candle ends”.

“The little planing on the 5 euros of APL (personalized housing aid), not sure if this is our greatest success of the last five years”, he quipped.

He also proposed to organize at the start of the “Assises des finances publics” in order to “look together, parliamentarians and government, at what choices we are coming to”.

The mission entrusted by Bercy to parliamentarians promises to be extensive, with a public deficit at 6.4% of GDP and a debt at 112.5% ​​of national wealth at the end of 2021.

In its latest report on the situation of public finances, published on Thursday, the Court of Auditors expressed concern about the billions in new spending drawn out this week by the government to support households and businesses in the face of high inflation (5.8% on a year in June according to INSEE).

These “will deteriorate the 2022 deficit compared to the scenario of the initial finance law”, which provided for a deficit of 5% of GDP at the end of 2022, a target recently confirmed by the government but subject to “many hazards”, according to the financial magistrates of rue Cambon.

The government, for its part, assures that the new expenditure will be offset by particularly dynamic tax revenues.

In tax matters precisely, Bruno Le Maire reiterated on Sunday his proposal to allocate “all revenue from taxation on fossil fuels” to the fight against global warming.