“We must not rush but it is a site that I hope to open quickly. I think that the start of the school year will be the right time to start the work” of a cross-party commission desired by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign , she said on France 3.

This reform “will take place if we reach consensus”, she pleaded. Parliamentarians now have many “technical elements” and “each group must now politically express its democratic vision” and “points of convergence” must be identified.

Basically, “I don’t see institutional reforms piecemeal, because our institutions form a whole, so we need to discuss our democratic life in a global way”.

Citing a “proportional dose”, to which she is “favorable”, the non-cumulation of mandates over time, the non-cumulation of mayor-deputy, the duration of mandates, the drop in the number of parliamentarians, she underlined that “all this cannot be independently, we must have a global vision of what we want as a democratic life in the 21st century in our country”.

She also noted that if a reform of the institutions “is not an emergency for the French, they must be associated with this democratic reform”.