Relatives of civil servants and members of any rank propose to prohibit the participation in public tenders

Companies and organizations that are owned by relatives of state officials and members of any rank must not have the right to participate in public tenders, according to the authors of the petition, posted on the website ROI.

the petition notes that owners of companies performing government contracts, are often wives, children and other family members of officials. According to the authors of the petition, this leads to the fact that the contract “are overpriced and are of improper quality”. Activists suggest that the ban will help save the country’s budget and rationally use it on “important for the public needs.”

the petition also requested in the event of violation of this prohibition to dismiss officials whose relatives have violated the restriction, and forbid him to take a similar position for a period of 10 years.

a Petition signed by 885 people voted against 14.

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