It is a matter of communication. On 15 June, the day of the birthday of her husband, accompanied by Jacques Verrechia, lawyer history of Johnny Hallyday, producer Jean-Claude Camus, and the manager, Sébastien Farran, Laeticia Hallyday must usher in Toulouse together with the mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc, an esplanade, Johnny Hallyday. As of October 2018, where she had returned from Los Angeles to Paris to make the promotion of the album posthumous the rocker, his communicators are trying to upstream to improve its image. And what better way to make people believe that the widow of the singer negotiates quickly and well with her daughter-in-law Laura Smet? Only one small problem: interviewed by Le Figaro , the mask of the eldest daughter of rocker “insane with power.”

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in negotiations since the beginning of the war of succession in January 2018, there has been, it is true. Emmanuel Ravanas, the board of Laura Smet’s specialist estates, has started discussions with Ardavan Amir-Aslani, lawyer Laeticia Hallyday, as early as June 2018. This first round lasted only a few weeks. He stopped net when the lawyers of David Hallyday and Laura Smet have discovered that in Los Angeles, Laeticia Hallyday had requested in parallel to the us judges the authority to transfer the remaining assets of Johnny Hallyday in its trusts us. In other words, to negotiate in Paris, while taking shelter in the United States in trust-deposit boxes, the royalty of the rocker, his collectible cars and shares his company’s american-Born Rocker Inc.

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at the End of September, while Laeticia Hallyday prepares to make his grand return to Paris to ensure the release of the album posthumously by her husband, the boards of each other meet for the first time all together at 45, avenue Montaigne, the firm Ardavan Amir-Aslani. If Laura Smet, which has benefited up to December 2018 of 5000 euros paid each month by her father’s wishes, especially cash, David Hallyday is focused on the moral rights, the management of the career posthumously by his father. The discussions take place under extreme pressure. Rather than a percentage of the global rights to the catalogue, David Hallyday wants to manage only a certain number of albums. To the Sacem, which is the focus of the music rights before you redistribute it, it is too complicated to manage. This would place too much of the employees on the single case of Johnny Hallyday.

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Always in the context of the management’s posthumous Johnny Hallyday, the lawyers discussed the implementation of rules “objective” to accept or not accept a biopic, a musical comedy… In the clear: neither Laura, nor Joy, nor Jade, nor Laeticia, or David may not oppose a project if it meets the criteria determined.

But at the end of October, when the launch of the album from Johnny Hallyday is completed with the success that we know, the negotiations stopped. The lawyers of Laeticia, Laura and David have missed the boat. According to our information, Laeticia Hallyday wanted to “have the last word on everything.” Eight months later, close to the matter believe that these negotiations were only a way to save time to protect against the release of the album. Emmanuel Ravanas, however, continue to believe in it and discuss from time to time with Ardavan Amir-Aslani. Extremely intelligent, the latter has many good qualities including that of being able to adapt to his audience and to tell him what he wants to hear. At the end of may, just prior to the deliberation made by the tribunal de grande instance de Nanterre, who will declare Johnny Hallyday as a French resident, the masks fall. For Laura Smet who would have loved that the negotiations would be completed before you celebrate his life as a young bride, it is a real disappointment.