Relatives of victims of road accidents with Ephraim refused to accept his apology and help

Relatives of Sergey Zakharov, who was killed in an accident involving actor Mikhail Yefremov, refused his apology and offered them material assistance. This was stated by the lawyer of the injured party Alexander Dobrovinsky, RIA “Novosti”.

“They refused all, don’t want any compensation at all, they only want a fair trial,” said the lawyer, explaining that he is the brother of the deceased Valeria.

He also stressed that he knew nothing about the woman claiming to be civil wife Zakharova, Irina Sterkhovoe that claims to have lived for 20 years in marriage with the deceased.

Recall that on 12 June in front of family Zakharov apologized Efremov. He stressed that he hopes for forgiveness, and expressed a desire to help the family of the deceased “by all means”.

the Accident occurred on 8 June. An SUV driven by a drunk 56-year-old Yefremov, on Smolensk square was on the opposite lane and collided with a mini-van with a 57-year-old employee of a delivery service Sergey Zakharov. The driver was hospitalized in serious condition and on the morning he died. On the same day the hospital first, then in the air “Let speak” there was a woman who had a widow Zakharova. Irina sterhova stated that they lived with him for 22 years, the son Zakharova issued a denial, stressing that he did not know this woman. The official wife of the deceased was only his mother, Margaret, who lives in Ryazan.

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