Relatives shot dead in Vienna Chechen blogger took the blame for his murder

the victim’s Relatives in Vienna the opposition of the Chechen authorities blogger Mamehana Umarov recorded a video message in which he apologized for his activism and declared himself guilty of his murder. An appeal written in the Chechen language, and its translation leads to medium “Caucasian knot”.

Recall that Mamikon Umarov, known as “Anzor from Vienna”, was shot in the Austrian capital on 4 July. Shortly before his assassination he had reported the threats and complained about the inaction of the Austrian authorities. On suspicion in murder Umarov arrested two natives of Chechnya. The widow of murdered suggested that the death of the blogger involved in the Chechen authorities.

on Wednesday morning In social networks and messengers spreading a video message from relatives Mamehana Umarov to the Chechen language. According to the “Caucasian knot” men on the record with their heads down, apologize to Kadyrov and the Chechen people, declaring that they killed Umarov, and called for the release of “innocent detainees”.

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