Released after his arrest, the analyst Fedor Krasheninnikov did not rule out criminal prosecution

from Yekaterinburg Analyst Fedor Krasheninnikov was released after re-arrest for “insulting the authorities” and said that while he was in custody, unknown tried to break into his email and accounts on Instagram and Facebook. A week ago, the October district court of Ekaterinburg has arrested expert in 7 days for re – “insulting the authorities”. The local security forces to do would not, in fact, interested the feds, said Fedor Krashennikov the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

“I very much act on my Telegram channel and Federal, in the Ural the agenda, starting with protest events of the past year. Apparently, even then I have someone held a grudge at first it was a denunciation to the police, this time the police, in fact, herself wrote a denunciation of me. The next step, as I understand it — the prosecution,” — said Fedor Krasheninnikov.

According to the analyst, in fact, that is a small disorderly conduct, it appears the examination of the FSB. “But if the case is the examination of the FSB, the judge just says “guilty”, it is such truth in the last instance. Including so I am sure that this story is the handiwork of the feds, local to do it would not have”, — summed up Krashennikov.

Recall, the Oktyabrsky district court of Yekaterinburg found the analyst Fedor Krasheninnikov is guilty of a second contempt. He was appointed administrative arrest for a period of 7 days for review in the Telegram about Vladimir Putin’s appeal to the constitutional court concerning extending his presidential terms. According to human rights activists, Krasheninnikov insulted the judges of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation.