the two of them form one of the most spectacular rhythm sections in the history of popular music. To my right, Cyril Atef, drums, percussion accents, happy punk. To my left, the cellist of obedience more classic Vincent Segal. Together, they have formed Bumcello there are nearly twenty years old, brought together by their great openness of spirit and science of improvisation. These musicians all terrain, agility and boundless imagination, are unable to play the same thing twice. Nothing should, moreover, meet in the life, if not a musical culture that is phenomenal coupled with an ability to listen to out of the ordinary.

A musicality without border

Their eighth album, Monster Talk , just came out. But we should not expect to hear them play excerpts on scene: their tracks are used as the basis of explorations in all directions, rather than concerts common. Fed of brazilian music (and Vincent was accompanied by Nana Vasconcelos), and african sounds, buffs, and jazz, these musicians without blinkers extend the tradition that has made Paris the stronghold of the melting pot of music. In withdrawal since 2012, they have engraved a new disk to the last winter, in just five days. In the embodiment, the excellent Vincent Taurelle channeled unbridled creativity of these two young people in their fifties.

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This music without borders sounds like a perfect antidote to the gloom of the current world and soars in the air like a salutary counter-current to the formatting and the”easy listening” productions standardized. Unclassifiable, the leg Bumcello is as much as its protagonists, who have the art to move the public as a person.

Leather 23, rue Boyer (Xx).
Tel.: 01 40 33 35 05.
Dates: on 14 January and 4 February, at 19: 30. Up: 27 €.