Removed Smolny St. Petersburg hotelier from the online chat for the letter to Putin

St. Petersburg entrepreneurs from tourism, services, catering and hotel business the President complained at Smolny reluctance to talk about specific dates lifting the restrictions. Officials at the letter took offense, removed from the chat one of the owners and refused to hold another online meeting with city business. Details the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said Tamara Builova, Vice-President of the Association of small hotels of St. Petersburg, which was disconnected from the chat.

In a letter to Vladimir Putin 126 St. Petersburg businessmen called on to intervene and “to obtain from the city administration specific terms and conditions for the resumption of the tourism industry and the service sector in the city, a clear plan for the withdrawal of such an important industry from the crisis”.

“We engaged in dialogue with the local authorities in the chat, but the last straw was the lack of toilets in the city centre and landfills around filled “bins,” says Tamara Builova. — Obviously, when people began to give out food “take-away”, have any questions. Where to wash your hands before and after eating? Where to go in the toilet? Where to put trash, the same box of pizza? We discussed this in chat, and, when in St. Petersburg will open verandas to at least let people in the bathroom.”

According to Bulaway, the idea is to write a letter to the President asking him to hasten to Smolny came on Friday, and by Monday morning it was signed by 126 entrepreneurs. Among them — the head of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers in St. Petersburg, Leonid Garbar, the public Ombudsman of the beauty industry Lala Sadykov, President of the Association of owners of passenger courts of St. Petersburg Vladimir Rodionov General Director of the Teremok Vitaly Swidowski, co-owner of the restaurant “Karl and Friedrich” Michael fagelman and others.

Tamara Builova notes that had accumulated 189 signatures. A letter to the President abouthave traveli morning of June 23, through an electronic reception. And on the same day in the chat officials and representatives of the hotel, tourism and restaurant business, announced the cancellation of the nearest meeting in the mode of videoconferencing and the suspension of online conversations. At the same time the chat was removed Tamara Builova and then a few of her colleagues as a sign of solidarity also came from the dialogue. Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Eugene Elin publicly called the letter of the entrepreneurs “nervous breakdown.”

“to Say that the initiator was me, wrong, in addition to me there were more important signatories, says Bulova. — I think this reaction is caused by the fact that the authorities hoped that we will ask and not demand. And the complaint of the higher state person — this is a requirement. Now my officials are in dialogue only through the media. And in the chat I still did not include”.

Later, the Vice-Governor Yevgeny Yelin in an interview to “Fontanka” said that the dialogue with businessmen was not constructive, “a letter to the President is a strange character,” and chat “will expand”.

Recall that Petersburg is still in the first stage of the removal of restrictions. From 8 June in the city resumed the operation of stores, shops, offices, construction companies and car dealerships, and churches were allowed to hold services.

the Smolny announced the approximate date of the transition to the second stage — from June 29. Evgeny Elin said that in the second stage may open a summer café, palaces, one or two of the city Park, navigation channels and zoos.

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