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Renaud will be performing at the salle Pleyel, where he will receive a reward for all of his career

David Séchan, the twin brother and faithful support of Renaud, admitted that he worried about the singer’s voice. “He has problems with his voice, all of a sudden, because he smokes a lot, does not have a hygiene impeccable,” he explained last month. Yet, the interpreter of the Mistral Winner does not yet seem to admit defeat. He sang at the salle Pleyel on 10 December. The Society of artists, composers and music publishers, will present its Major annual Awards.

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Renaud will receive the Special Prize of the Sacem, and after, in the last editions, Salvatore Adamo, Michel Jonasz and Véronique Sanson. And will sing for the occasion. Fans of the artist had bad blood after his admission at the end of September for withdrawal treatment in a specialty service addiction clinic near Montpellier.

A new album in the works

Out of the clinic, Renaud would now be in better shape. The musician, 66-year-old is even in the process of preparing a disk for a few months, which could be accompanied by a tour on a small scale. “Grand Renaud”, according to his brother, David Séchan. In this new production, scheduled for the spring of 2019, Renaud summons memories of his childhood. A way of exorcising a sense of nostalgia that the terribly suffer, as he repeats often.

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At that same evening, Angela will receive the Prize Francis Lemarque of revelation and Orelsan, with Basic , won the Prix Rolf Marbot for song of the year. And because the Sacem really wants to celebrate all of the musical field, the Artist, with his hit Chocolate , will also be rewarded.

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