In 2017, we were near Agen for the 45th edition of the Rencontres d Astaffort which Julien Doré was the godfather. Cabrel had launched 22 years ago with two appointments per year in the fall and the spring. In his village and family, where he now resides permanently, the singer wanted to create an event to help the performers, authors and composers. A place in which they find themselves, working and talking. A time of friendliness and harmony, like a breath of oxygen for these budding artists are often very lonely at the time of launch into a career that involves both ups and downs.

today, all former residents of Astaffort recognize that this was a significant moment in their lives of the artists. This 45th edition doesn dérogea not the rule as evidenced by our video. Nearly two years later, these same singers and musicians have formed a group called Staff and create a stunning spectacle that doubled as an album.

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there are, for example, the author Bruno Guglielmi, Julien Clerc has chosen a few texts, which seemed to be very pleased with his collaboration with Antsa and Mendrika, two sisters from madagascar who lead from the front in the scientific studies and the preparation of a new album. The pretty title where do you come From, where are you going is the fruit of this association. Then Bruno, from the top of 43 years, was a figure of the dean, Valentine, a singer with an exceptional voice, was the benjamin of the band. They are found all over the album Staff that fate at Sony music.