“there is a fifty years ago, I had written my Memories of Centennial – yes, I had taken the lead – , without suspecting that, as of the time, I was going to get close, dangerously close to my character.” From his first words, René de Obaldia has done smile to ease the assembly of the jolly fellows of the Academy Alphonse-Allais that for nothing in the world would have missed the show given to celebrate an exceptional birthday. As the dean of the Dome, just to blow out a hundred candles on a cake, on 22 October.

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True to its reputation, the dashing fellow had some fun so smile of his immortality as of the introduction of this play that he had created the Petit Hébertot a decade ago, 90 spring, when he was still a young man. “The urchin”, as the affectionately known as Hélène Carrère d’encausse, perpetual Secretary of the French Academy, started by remaking its history. That is to say, the history of a century that saw him born in hong Kong – October 22, 1918, therefore, to spend four years a prisoner in a stalag in Poland during the Second world War, and then finally write from 1949 poems, novels, theatre pieces which made them go out of her living posterity.

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The eye and the lippe, depraved, René de Obaldia had some fun with his friends in the taking immediately: “Ah, ladies and gentlemen, what a journey! Of turns, twists, convolutions, of… of… of rigodons to get to you, the Allaisiens, Monday, November 19, 2018, the day of the Saint Tanguy… And my hundred-year, twenty-nine days and a few minutes. From your side, thank you have persevered in your essence, thank you for your presence.”

The result was as delicious as delectable. Following the paths of his work, René de Obaldia in will read an anthology, punctuated with anecdotes, spiritual on their genesis and their outcome. And his encounter with the unforgettable actor Michel Simon at the creation in 1965 of The wind in the branches of sassafras . Told as if it was yesterday, the imitation of the voice of the sacred monster by the master will be a striking resemblance.

The most beautiful to the world

Drawn from his works romancées, poetic and theatrical ( Riches, The Centenary , The Innocentines , The Good Bourgeois , The Défun t. ..), the chosen moments are all marked by the unquenchable and fruitful fancy of his mind.

these flashes, we proceed in the manner of Alphonse Allais, René de Obaldia has become in this night blessed is the only great commander of his order, that the most mischievous. It is the election of the most beautiful verse of the French language, which comes down to this: “The jay gelatinous geignait in the jasmine”. The poet will suggest, soon the why of this induction on the Olympus of versificateurs: “ check out as vowels and consonants are closely related to zunes zappuyant the zuns of their zailes. Check out also my zinfints, these gs to bright, these gs without end, all these gs zingénus that sound like a death knell… ” Hélène Carrère d’encausse has decidedly reason, René de Obaldia, a hundred years to flower, is really a great carrier.

René de Obaldia: 100 years and still on stage!

René de Obaldia : 100 years and still on stage ! – Look on Figaro Live