Adopted in the Senate at first reading in early November, this bill to accelerate the production of renewable energies is expected in the Assembly Chamber on December 5.

It aims to “catch up” with France in terms of wind and solar energy by lifting the “administrative and procedural barriers to halve the time required to deploy projects”, described the Minister for Energy Transition Agnès Pannier. -Runacher in front of the deputies.

The minister underlined a “double urgency”: taking “radical action” in the face of global warming and “avoiding a disruption of supply in the months and years to come”.

Without an absolute majority in the Assembly, the government is looking for allies to pass this bill, before another text on nuclear power in the coming months.

He will not find any on the side of the RN, which reiterated its opposition to wind turbines, “intermittent energies which make us dependent on the weather in addition to being dependent on other countries”, according to Pierre Meurin.

LR, which regularly criticizes wind turbines, expressed its “red lines” on the “place of local elected officials” and “the increase in the distances of wind turbines both on land and at sea”, said Emmanuel Maquet in committee .

“This text is going quite badly”, estimated in the JDD the boss of the LR deputies Olivier Marleix, who wants to carry measures which the Senate with a majority on the right has however partially given up. “We will defend a right of veto for mayors as well as the ban on building wind turbines at sea less than 40 kilometers from the coast”.

On the left, the PS group “may consider voting for this text as soon as your declared desire for co-construction will be translated into action”, launched Stéphane Delautrette to the government.

More reserved, environmentalists have warned against the “unraveling of environmental law” and “will look carefully at the proposals that are made”, according to Charles Fournier.

The communist Hubert Wulfranc regretted a text of “rush” and the LFI Maxime Laisney is “doubtful about the method and the concrete proposals”.

In the majority, the MoDem Bruno Millienne called for “going beyond the usual political postures”. Hundreds of amendments are on the menu for the week.