This report from the General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ) led Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to announce “disciplinary proceedings” against the former director of Arles prison and a supervisor after the death of Yvan Colonna, who was serving a life sentence for the assassination of the prefect of Corsica Claude Erignac.

Friday morning, Gilles Simeoni, President of the Executive Council of Corsica, for his part, declared before the Assembly of Corsica meeting in session that “these announcements” of sanctions by the Prime Minister “cannot be enough to fulfill our quest, our demand for truth and righteousness”.

Assuring that this “assassination is a political fact and not a news item” and affirming that “all the elements have not been provided”, Gilles Simeoni launched “a solemn appeal for the truth to be told, the whole truth, no only on the circumstances of the assassination but also on the entire terrorist trajectory of his alleged assassin”.

According to the IGJ report, the supervisor targeted by the sanctions showed a “clear lack of vigilance” by staying “without any reason away” from the place of the facts, which lasted nine minutes.

As for “the former head of the establishment” Corinne Puglierini, in office until ten days before the attack, the inspection mission points to the “insufficiency” of her management and the absence of “appropriate management” of the commissions for assessing the dangerousness of detainees.

The IGJ report makes twelve recommendations, six of which aim to “strengthen (…) the surveillance of the prison’s activity rooms” and improve its video surveillance system.

The Prime Minister “decided to follow all the recommendations” of the report, said Matignon.

On March 2, Yvan Colonna was violently attacked in the sports hall of the central house of Arles by Franck Elong Abé, a 36-year-old man born in Cameroon and naturalized French at 18 years old. He died of his injuries after three weeks in a coma.