Representatives of the tourism industry said that to save their business from collapse

Representatives of the St. Petersburg hotel business made a proposal to the Russian government on issuance of certificates or vouchers for trips around the country to support domestic tourism. Discussion took place in the framework of the online marathon of “Rosbalt” in support of small and average business “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”.

“the Russian Government could adopt the experience of China and Japan, which offered its citizens the certificates on travel within countries. This helped to support domestic tourism”, – said Tamara Builova.

Think about the transformation of excursions in St. Petersburg for domestic tourism suggested Victoria Shamlikashvili, the investor of Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg — Tchaikovskogo. According to her, museums, tourists will not fall for a long time, and it would be possible to shift to a leisurely stroll through the city with a guide in the fresh air, to deep dive into the architecture, culture and history of the Northern capital.

In turn, Elizaveta Nefedova, the Community member guides of St. Petersburg, called on local authorities to draw on the desperate situation of the guides, left without work.

“the tour Guides trying to get back to the labour exchange to receive 12 thousand from the state, but they say they will only pay fifteen hundred rubles. The fact that they can’t prove you lost income because of the pandemic, the majority concludes civil-law contract for the spring and summer months. Employment agencies do not understand that the travel company who wanted to hire them in April, couldn’t do,” explains Elizaveta Nefedova.

Among other suggestions – to provide support not only SMEs, but also micro-businesses, not on codes NACE (while many of the affected businesses are not in compliance), and in fact the real work. This was stated by Victoria Shamlikashvili, the investor of Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg — Tchaikovskogo.

“in addition, a condition for receiving benefits should be a reduction of revenue, rather than formal requirements,” – said the owner and added that the support measures should be extended to the 3-4th quarters of this year.

Alena ANOVA, leader of the “League of small hotels, hostels and tourist accommodation” in the North-West Federal district, invited the authorities to specify the situation with the lifting of restrictions.

“For businessmen, the most terrible is to be in the dark. We are scared and unclear. And we ask the CPS to listen to the business, And a main request to the authorities – don’t need to support us, should just get to work!” she said.

the Deputy of legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova agreed, and drew attention to the fact that it is necessary to turn to the CPS to disclose the timing of release from restrictions, and the business was finally able to prepare for safe work

“we need to Do exactly the same as in Moscow and Leningrad region – to determine the timing of exit from the fog,” – said the MP.

Darya Kovalevskaya, owner of mini-hotel LLC “Acroma”, I noticed that for the loan to payment of wages to employees of the entrepreneur need to collect about 33 documents.

“Instead of solving crisis issues, we are engaged in bureaucracy. Yes, not immediately allow debt to take banks often refuse with the words “do not pass internal regulations,” complains Kovalevskaya.

Tamara Bulova noted that a huge problem is the down payments, which if not done at the time, entail the payment of penalties.

“Another problem is if you go to the monopoly, resource-supplying companies. Tariffs should be diversified depending on the type of business,” – said Builova.

Summarizing the online meeting, Irina Ivanova emphasized on the fact that in St. Petersburg took two sets of support measures for business: one at 3.5 billion rubles, the second – 9%, However, many entrepreneurs get help are unable until now.

Recall that the second part of the marathon in support of small and average business “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”, organized by “Rosbalt” in conjunction with the Deputy of the legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova, will be held June 19. Online meeting will be dedicated to cafes and restaurants in times of crisis.

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