Researchers have observed how the egg itself

Sexual attraction to someone of the opposite sex is a tricky thing, and what happens in the mind, not necessarily a “match” at the level of biology/anatomy. This discovery was made by British and Swedish scientists, who offered their work in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society.

the Researchers staged an experiment with donor materials “in vitro” (in vitro), during which I noticed that the egg are able to “choose” the most “suitable” for her sperm. The sensation was that this choice “does not always coincide with the decision of the woman”.

Sperm are attracted to the egg due to chemoattractant, special substances that it produced. Why female reproductive system produces them so that the seed partner can “drop out” and, accordingly, to leave her barren, and a stranger of a man — no, the scientists gave the answer from the point of view of genetics.

According to them, since the number of children that can have in my life woman, not very large, the father’s genes needs to be “quality”. Unlike men, for whom, theoretically, to transfer DNA to the offspring, the more impregnations, the better (and in the case of non-monogamous men are), the representative of womankind “scrupulous” refers to the search for a partner. And so that, as seen by the authors of the study, the selection are her eggs.

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