Reshetnikov: Russia feels

Minister of economic development RF Maxim Reshetnikov considers acceptable prevailing world price of oil, and is convinced that they will not become an obstacle to the implementation of all government commitments. About this Reshetnikov said, speaking on the “pravchasa” in the state Duma, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

Speaking about the estimation of the world oil prices, the Minister said that in 2020 per barrel will give $31, and in 2021 — $35. “Given our macroeconomic policies, we even with this level of prices can with absolute certainty say about the performance of all obligations”, — said Reshetnikov.

however, he stressed that due to the coronavirus situation in the world economy remains highly uncertain. “The process of open economies is difficult, and a quick rebound should not count” — said the Minister.

as an example, he referred to China, whose economy, according to him, after the lifting of the quarantine has recovered to a level of less than 75% from pre-crisis levels. “This transaction OPEC+ helped to stabilize the situation,” — said the Minister.

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