Resident of Rostov region was accused of abuse of police, who stated that

a resident of the village of Veshenskaya in the Rostov region Vasily Strelkov with a broken head recorded the video from the police car. As the man told, his head smashed by the police.

the story of the shooting, on Monday, his younger son was detained by police for violation of the “isolation mode”. “On the 25th of may I called the police: alleged my son was walking in the wrong place. The inspector on Affairs of minors decided to make the materials,” said the man.

Arrived on the scene the father of a large family demanded the police to produce documents. Between Small, who is a Colonel, and a police inspector controversy ensued. A police officer also began to require a citizen to show identification. “I don’t have to carry a passport, and must keep it in a safe place”, — said Shooters.

the result of the wrangling was the arrest of a father and his 16-year-old son. “The four of us began to twist my hands. I broke the head and damaged his leg. The inspector on Affairs of minors of the knee strangled the son,” — said the Gunmen.

In a press-service GU MVD of Russia in the Rostov region have confirmed the arrest of a man in Vyoshenskaya. According to police, the story began after the police received a report of trespassing teenagers in one of the houses in the village. When the inspectors on Affairs of minors has caused parents who father and brother were without personal protective equipment, and the requirement to produce documents, refused.

“When one of the men in the compartment for detainees in a company car he intentionally caused injuries”, — stated in the regional Chapter of the police.

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