Residents of Belgium filed a lawsuit against the state because of the quarantine

In Belgium, about 40 citizens appealed to the court a class action against the authorities and personally to the interior Minister Pieter de Cream.

according to Belgian television channel RTBF, the plaintiffs believe that measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, introduced by the Federal government violates the European Convention on human rights and limit personal freedoms.

As stated by the attorney for the plaintiffs, the Belgian authorities “have copied the measures taken in China”, without identifying whether they are human rights. The head of the human rights League in Belgium, Pierre-Arnaud Perrouty commented that the Convention would temporarily restrict some freedom, and currently the decision of the authorities justified the pandemic coronavirus.

In turn, the press service of the interior Ministry of Belgium said that the Agency has not yet reviewed the lawsuit, however, recognize the right of citizens to challenge the restrictions of freedoms in court.

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