Residents of Cuguevka appealed to Putin with a letter from inches potatoes (video)

villagers Cuguevka Kursk region recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking for help in solving the problem of development.

according to “KP”, local residents in spring planted potatoes in the form of letters which are with the height made up a phrase: “Vladimir Putin. Help Sequence Kursk region!”

Local residents explained that due to the bureaucracy, some of them can not finish their homes, others to register has already been built. The problem is that the houses are in a disputed area of the Central Chernozem reserve named after Alekhine. Originally selhoznacheniya of land in the district belonged to the villagers, then they were bought by entrepreneurs and moved the appointment of plots for individual housing construction, and as such was sold to the citizens. At that time the boundaries of the reserve has not yet been determined, and as a result, today the plots are located in the disputed area.

“Potato treatment” Kokoity send Putin for the third time.

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