Residents of Khabarovsk persist: they gather for another protest rally

In Khabarovsk, the townspeople gather for another protest in defense of the arrested Governor Sergey Furgala.

the Rally and March began, despite the fact that the city is raining.

— Headquarters of Navalny in Khabarovsk (@teamnavalnykhv) July 20, 2020

Hour it took to get around the city centre. Went back to the square in front of the White house (never stops raining)

— Headquarters of Navalny in Khabarovsk (@teamnavalnykhv) July 20, 2020

we will Remind that last Saturday the campaign has gathered, by different estimations, from 10 to 20 thousand people. The interior Ministry reported about the participation of 12 thousand people. Participants demanding the return of the Governor in Khabarovsk, and judge him openly, with the participation of a jury. Furgala accused in the killings of businessmen in 2004-2005. He pleaded not guilty.

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