Residents of Leningrad region were asked not to graze the goats and to collect berries along the road

Road builders of the Leningrad region urged residents not to graze the goats and to collect berries along the roads. The curb regional runs began to treat with herbicides to kill poison Hogweed, told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” in the road Committee of the Leningrad region.

Process the vegetation of roadside chemical drug with sulfometuron-with methyl will be up until June 29.

“On the treated territories, no one shall stay for three days after treatment, mowing, grazing of lactating cattle, as well as collecting mushrooms and berries in the year of treatment on distance to 30 m from roads,” — said the Agency.

Recall, the Sosnowski’s Hogweed weed, contain dangerous substances furocoumarins. After contact on the skin may receive severe burns of 1-3 degrees. If the diet of the cows or goats to include silage with cow parsnip, milk will acquire a bitter taste and smell of essential oils. In addition, the Hogweed is spreading so fast that it threatens to flood most of the land in natural landscapes and agricultural fields.

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