Residents of Leningrad who lost their jobs, will pay on 5 thousand roubles

In the Leningrad region introduced a new payment for self-employed and the unemployed. The Governor of the region Alexander Drozdenko signed a decree on the prolongation of financial support.

In accordance with the document published on the official website of the government of the Leningrad region, the self-employed will be able again through the labor exchange to 7 thousand rubles for may.

Those who were discharged from 1 January to 29 February 2020, officially recognized as unemployed until 31 may inclusive and receive a minimum allowance of 1500 rubles, will pay 5,000 rubles from the regional budget.

Payment will be appointed for April and may 2020, the statement is not needed.

Recall now the region has bonuses to people who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Those who receive unemployment benefits are less than 10 thousand rubles, you will also pay 7 thousand rubles a month. If the benefit from 10 to 12 thousand, the payment will amount to 5 thousand rubles.

the self-employed who have lost their income, to receive 7 thousand rubles.

a number of residents provide masks at the expense of the regional budget.

the Area now divided into three zones depending on the distribution problems COVID-19. The free movement between them will limit.

Meanwhile, in the region from may 12, began gradually to lift the ban. In some localities allowed to resume the work of museums, cinemas, hairdressing, catering. A requirement remains wearing masks.

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