Residents of the ruined house in Ufa declared a hunger strike and fall under the wheels of construction equipment

Residents of an apartment house in Ufa went on hunger strike and announced a protest. As the correspondent of “Rosbalt” the Chairman of the Council of the house of Gulnara Sarieva, the participants of the campaigns protesting against the construction of a skyscraper next to their house. According to them, this now leads to the destruction of the building.

the Strike declared four inhabitants of the house № 5 along the street Shota Rustaveli, one of them a woman nine months pregnant. This stock they are trying to attract the attention of the authorities to their problems.

“Our house is falling apart. The house has a thickness of load-bearing structure — brick wall — 64 cm. That wall is a crack from 1 to 9 floor. Width of disclosure is up to 7 inches. We have at hand a letter of administration for ensuring activity of the city that no construction activities in the surrounding area near the house is unacceptable, they can lead to the destruction of the building. Know about this problem in the administration of the city, but no one came out with a proposal on strengthening of structures. So the residents went on hunger strike. Our demand is: stop the construction, permission for which was obtained from violations of town planning legislation, and begin activities to strengthen our house. We were recommended to carry out a hunger strike in the apartments, but we decided to carry out her publicly on the local area to publicize the situation,” — said Gulnara Saraiva.

Chairman of the Board of the house said that the construction of a 34-storey high-rise buildings is conducted by the company PSK-6, which is headed by the Deputy of the state Assembly of Bashkortostan Oleg Filippov. On Tuesday, the Deputy identified among people who tried to stop the protest. Between residents and employees of the construction company occurred after people fell on the way equipment.

“Yesterday at the local area were opened and heavy machinery. Delivered and assembled mixing unit. Then three people went under the wheels. Came sotrunici construction companies in black robes and masks, dragged out of people, beat our men. One man had a tooth knocked out, the second hand is hurt. Young girl — the daughter of a pregnant woman, an 11th-grade student received bruises and abrasions. I, too, got abrasion,” said Gulnara Saraiva.

the Activist said that despite attacks and threats, the citizens will continue to protect your home and ready to go to new protests.

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