Residents of the settlement of mikhaylovo-Yartsevskoye offered to move in for renovation in the village of Shishkin Les

Troitsky administrative Okrug became the capital of the ninth realization of the program of renovation.

As the head of the Department of urban planning policy of Moscow Sergey Levkin, in TAO residents of three houses in the settlement of mikhaylovo-Yartsevskoye offered the options of apartments in the village of Shishkin Les, in houses 9, building 1 and 21, block 1.

new Buildings put into operation in February and March of this year. In each of the two monolithic buildings — for 234 apartments. There, in the house 21, the case 1 is the information center where specialists are ready to help and advise newcomers.

in Total, according to Levkin, in TAO, the programme includes 124 homes. Officials have already picked up five launch sites to start a wave of resettlement. In the settlement of mikhaylovo-Yartsevskoye have to resettle residents of 31 residential homes.

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