Residents protested the abolition of free entry to the Park in Tsarskoye Selo

In the Catherine Park of the Museum-reserve Tsarskoye Selo stopped to let free. The family of Pushkin, who used to walk with children on this jewel of landscape architecture of St. Petersburg, announced his indignation.

Catherine and Alexander parks were opened July 3, after “quarantine” on the coronavirus. New conditions unpleasantly surprised local residents.

So, free visiting hours of the Park are no longer available — according to the review of officials, this was done “in order to continue the fight against Covid-19”, said in the online petition. In Alexander, in contrast to Pavlovsk Park, “forbidden walk with bicycles for both adults and children,” complained the residents.

the author of the appeal to the Directorate of the state Museum calls for at least “consider the alternative — implement reduced hours for those living in the Pushkin area.”

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