Rest in sanatoriums of Sochi will not be allowed to go outside

In Sochi from June 1 will gradually open 80 resorts, however, travelers will not be able to walk around the city.

As the head of the city Alexey Kopaigorodsky, after all the sanitary and anti-epidemic preventive measures directly from June 1, plans to open 34 resorts.

Resorts are not supposed to allow independent movement of guests in Sochi, so the resort should provide Shuttle service from the railway stations and the airport. Resorts have to contact each guest and explain the conditions of settlement and residence. “It is important to warn, then to avoid disturbing our guests”, — said Alexey Kopaigorodsky.

this year, guests are required to bring two references of “pure” epidokruzhenii and the absence of coronavirus. You can get them in the clinic at the place of registration.

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