Restaurateurs Petersburg lost faith in the government and likened himself to the naughty children

the Proposed government measures to support businesses showed the inefficiency, consider restaurateurs Petersburg. Details about survival in a pandemic, they said at a press conference in “Rosbalt”.

So, the loans on the salaries of employees said the owner of the restaurant “Yat” and “ДИКМАN’s deli” Dmitry dikman. According to him, many are unable to maintain the necessary incentives for the employment in enterprises in 90%. While businessmen leaned seasonal costs, and lease payments.

According to the restaurateur, he was working only 10% of the state, and a third of them are unlikely to return.

“I’m a long time economic activity, the state does not believe it has been 30 years, so all of my success I attribute to personal success — said Dickman. — The chances of the final closing of our restaurants is very big.”

Spoke about the problems and business coach, restaurateur Alexander Zatulivetrov. As colleagues, he lost faith in the forms of state support. Salary loans he spent on utilities, and employee pay reimbursed from personal funds. The businessman complained about the inaction of the authorities in place at least in the format of existing patios.

“I Have the impression that catering to somebody so did, what we are like naughty children. We put in a corner harsh parents, others already working, but we can not, — said Zatulivetrov. I can’t understand why one of us, consciously or not, do the opposition”.

the Restaurateur said about the back support from the state.

“Oh they must then remember, we will be present and will get worse,” suggested the businessman.

Agreed with his opinion and the Deputy of legislative Assembly Irina Ivanovna.

“we Need to give time, a clear timeline, as in Moscow. This opened cafes, museums, cinemas, shopping centers. All you have nothing else,” — said at a press conference the parliamentarian to the Executive.

She said that all complaints of businessmen will be outlined in writing and submitted to the competent authorities.

“It will not end just chatter. This will result in the queries, and we together with “Rosbalt”, in cooperation with our Union “Hope of Russia” will send all offers — until mishustina and Putin”, — summed up Ivanov.

“Rosbalt” and the Deputy of legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova carried out a marathon in support of small and medium entrepreneurship “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”. Last time, on June 17, representatives of the tourism industry said that to save their organization from collapse. On Tuesday, March 23, the experience of the past three months share of social entrepreneurs. They will tell you how vulnerable their coverage of the restrictive measures, how they assess losses and how the pandemic will change their industry as a whole.

the Event can be viewed on the channel of “Rosbalt” in YouTube or join the discussion in the program Zoom.

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