Restaurateurs said that's going to save them from ruin after the pandemic

the Owners of the St. Petersburg food service establishments stated that it expected from the state is quite other support measures during a pandemic, and in the current situation will stay afloat a few. This opinion was expressed by the participants of the press conference in “Rosbalt”.

Two options for assistance from the government suggested restaurateur Leonid Garbar.

“Or at least closer to full funding, that is what you do in other European countries. Or permission to work. That is, either they give you money instead of working, or job. We have neither the one nor the other is not” — said the businessman.

In his view, the temporary support is possible through a speedy opening of the veranda cafe, although “summer in St. Petersburg is still short.”

was Mentioned by the participants of the conference and other initiatives. For cancelling instead of postponing the rent was made by the Chairman of the Board of NP “Association of small enterprises

Saint-Petersburg” Vladimir Menshikov. According to him, the essential and common mechanism for incentives from the utility companies.

Restaurateur and business coach Alexander Zatulivetrov supported his colleague and said, what do you expect from the government.

“the cancellation of, or repayment of utility bills because the rent was so clear. Our landlords honestly made concessions and reduced by 70% rent. So I’ll pay three hundred thousand, not nine hundred, — said the businessman. Years tables we still were never allowed. Therefore, die proudly, that’s all.”

the Deputy of legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova promised to send the proposals of the participants of the conference to the competent authorities. She mentioned why it is important to support food service establishments in times of crisis.

“we All understand that cafes and restaurants — it is also communication, socialization companies. Therefore, it is not only about economic losses,” — said the MP.

“Rosbalt” and the Deputy of legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova hold marathon in support of small and medium entrepreneurship “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”. Last time, on June 17, representatives of the tourism industry said that to save their organization from collapse. On Tuesday, March 23, the experience of the past three months share of social entrepreneurs. They will tell you how vulnerable their coverage of the restrictive measures, how they assess losses and how the pandemic will change their industry as a whole.

the Event can be viewed on the channel of “Rosbalt” in YouTube or join the discussion in the program Zoom.

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