u.s. senators have asked secretary of State Mike Pompeo to help Poland to return the jewish property looted by the nazis. “In the decades that followed the fall of the iron curtain, the jewish survivors of the Holocaust of Polish descent and their families, as well as others, have found it almost impossible to seek compensation for the property nationalised by the communist regime in poland”, wrote in a letter 88 elected to the upper chamber of Congress.

In February, Mike Pompeo, had already invited Poland to adopt legislation that would return the property to those who were lost during the Holocaust.” Remarks are not welcomed in Poland, where the government considers that the issue of restitution is “permanently settled” and that the american act of 2017, which requires that the u.s. department of State monitors the progress of Warsaw on the matter, will have no impact.

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A “victory’s posthumous Hitler”

In a joint statement, republican senator Marco Rubio and democrat Tammy Baldwin have pointed out that survivors of the Holocaust and of organizations for the defense of civil rights have welcomed the initiative. Warsaw and Washington have long cooperated on security issues, but the allies remain in disagreement on this issue.

In February, the Polish Prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, considered that “this topic does not exist”. “There is no danger for Poland. It is the Poland that was a victim and not the executioner”, he insisted adding that Germany has never compensated “Poland for the losses inflicted by the criminal policy of the Third Reich”. Last may he added that a possible return of jewish property confiscated from the Holocaust would be a “victory’s posthumous Hitler” on Poland, of the statements complained of by the world jewish Congress (WJC).

Among the six million Jews exterminated by the nazis, three million were from Poland, about 90 % of the jewish population of the country.