tax Deductions for donations, creation of a new public institution to drive the work of the cathedral or the relaxation of planning rules: the draft law on the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris, considered on Friday in the national Assembly, wants to give the means of a renovation of the five-year period desired by Emmanuel Macron. Short, but little consensus, pledged to 288 amendments, the text should give rise to muscular intervention in the Chamber. According to a survey Odoxa for Le Figaro , France Info and Dentsu Consulting, 72 % of the French are very opposed to a law of exception for Notre Dame.

• donations. The text introduced a scheme of tax incentives for individual donors (tax reduction of 75 %, instead of 66 %, within the limit of 1,000 euros). It responds to the emotion of people and a generosity without precedent. For the moment, there are about 800 million of donations or promises of donations – the great patrons who have not yet paid the money. The heritage Foundation has collected 22 million euros from individuals and 160 million euros of promises, the Foundation of Notre-Dame, $ 3.6 million and $ 280 million of promises.

Although the amount of work, which has not yet been evaluated, several voices have been raised that any surplus money be used to heritage in general. “The huge amount should also benefit other cathedrals who are in need of emergency restorations,” says his side the president of the association Sites and monuments, Alexandre Gady, which calls on mps to amend the bill in this sense. But, according to the foundation, individuals are very concerned that their donations were going well at the cathedral. “It is necessary to comply with the donors,” says Anne Brugnera, rapporteur (LREM) of the text to the Assembly.

• Creation of a public establishment. Responsible to control the work, it will be headed by the army general Jean-Louis Georgelin. The latter, which is already installed at the Elysée palace, to consult on all fronts, is very present in the cathedral and is very proactive. But why create a new entity? The Centre des monuments nationaux and the Oppic, the two agencies related to the ministry of Culture, could be to maneuver, as they are in other major monuments. According to Anne Brugnera, a new facility would provide greater transparency in the use of funds and would involve the diocese and the city of Paris in the making. In committee, on 2 may, the reasoning has pushed the opposition mps, for which the State, as owner, must be the only master on board.

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• Easing of regulations. The article 9 of the bill is the most contentious issue of the text and focuses the wrath of the opposition (BIA, CPF, PS, LR). While more than a thousand experts have called, in a column published in Le Figaro , to avoid “haste” for the project, and to not break free from the rules of heritage protection, the draft law seems to want to go further, opening the way to legislate by ordinances. “We will struggle to explain to local elected officials that they must respect the law if the State is not himself,” explained Marie-Georges Buffet (PCF), 2 may.

Behind are looming concerns about the final appearance of the monument. In committee, several members, including Constance Le Grip (LR) wanted to insert in the bill the word “identical” after the word “restoration”. Without success, obviously, because the government wants to launch an international architectural competition for the arrow.