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Restored, the Châtelet parade


In 1917, Picasso, Satie, Cocteau, Massine created Parade at the invitation of the Russian Ballets of Serge Diaghilev on the stage of the Châtelet. Huge scandal and a manifesto of modern art. For the re-opening of the Châtelet, Ruth Mackenzie and Thomas Lauriot dit Prevost, the new managers of the house, have decided to design their “Parade”. Puppets of Mozambique on the place de l’hôtel-de-Ville, scenes, burlesque, dedicated to Satie in the public spaces of the renovated theater. And, for the evening, a spectacle in the form of a collage putting end to end the puppets of Mozambique, a beautiful work of circus poetry of Stéphane Ricordel, as you can see in the Monfort Theatre in the Fifteenth to Paris, and the acrobats of the English-Elizabeth Streb, in an aesthetic of constructivist review with the stiffness of the 1980’s. In sum, the degree zero of the manifest artistic, even if in the pit, the Ensemble Intercontemporain performed, after a Mercury of Sati without great interest, a creation of …

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