Correspondent Tracy Smith asked celebrity impersonator Rich Little,”Does that if you turned into a U.S. citizen, the judge asked you to take action in a John Wayne voice”

He explained. ‘I am gonna declare you as John Wayne,’ I got up there and I said,” “Well, mister, I pledge allegiance to the flag of america. And do not crowd me!”

Right now he is in Las Vegas, filling the reduced-capacity shows in The Laugh Factory in the Tropicana. However, at 82, Little’s been in show biz more than a few of his crowd members have been living.

The walls of the house are hung with photographs of people he has met along the way — a few of the greatest titles of the previous century. Smith inquired,”Is it sometimes difficult to feel that you understood all of these people?”

“Yeah, it really is. It’s. I mean, Here Is a shot of John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, also me and Glenn Ford. You understand? Yeah, you can not get any bigger than that!”

The Canadian-born entertainer got his start copying his teachers at college, and he would slip into the movies using a tape recorder so he can listen to a star voice repeatedly. That he got him kicked out of a theater showing Jimmy Stewart’s 1954 movie,”The Far Country.” “And I told Jimmy about this when I met him. I, I, I coulda sent you that the picture!”

However, by the 1970s, he would turn out to be pretty much a fixture on TV, particularly game shows. Rich Little was known as”Mister Everybody” However he says that he could really do about a hundred quite nicely.

‘Course he is also done Pretty Much Every president, from Richard Nixon, to Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, and George Bush. And this summer he will be in New York emerging as Nixon at”Trial on the Potomac,” an Off-Broadway drama about what could happen if Nixon had not resigned.

Smith inquired,”Can you have a favourite impersonation?”

“Yeah, I’d say Ronald Reagan was my favorite,” said Little. “Since he had been a fantastic friend of mine. I was up in their quarters at the White House for supper.”

In reality, if the Reagans left Washington for great and flew home to California,” Rich Little was among early to greet them when they landed, telling the viewer,”I believe my opinion of President Reagan is becoming better and better, since each time I would you, sir, I do this horrible desire to run off with Nancy.”

Truth ishis impersonations have not been just for laughs: After David Niven taken”Curse of the Pink Panther,” he was becoming ill with ALS, and his voice was hardly a whisper. Thus, a great deal of what moviegoers discovered was really Rich Little.

But perhaps his best-known impersonation has been”Tonight Show” legend Johnny Carson: Little was a regular on the series for decades, as well as guest-hosted a range of occasions, until the series abruptly stopped phoning.

“Well, I was not really sure,” Small responded. “Either I stated something which rubbed somebody the wrong way, or Johnny got tired of me copying him. I really don’t understand. But unexpectedly, I had been a no-book on the series. And I attempted to learn why, but I never actually found out”

“And if he came to the table said,’Richard, are, are you , are you impersonating me’ And I said,’Obviously.’ He explained,’Re — eally?’ It is one of my very best impressions.’ ‘Well, I am, I thought, you know, I am not on the air , perhaps they, perhaps they have forgotten me’ They have not forgotten you whatsoever. My gosh, I will be doing you for ages.’ That’s accurate,’cause I am nevertheless doing him.”

Nowadays, Rich Little remains maintaining Johnny’s memory and people of dozens of other people — living. And after almost 60 decades, the voices come naturally. The difficult part, he said, is attempting to maintain his own voice out of evaporating away.

“When you become as old as I am, it is harder to get on TV,” he told Smith. “Now, I am delighted to be on this show now, since this is most likely the very first time that I’ve been on network tv in 30 decades.”

“Yeah, I really do. I believe what happens is if you get old, people do not really wish to book you onto a display. Perhaps they think you are not amusing anymore, you understand? I really don’t understand. So, this really is a major thrill for me.

Smith responded,”I don’t have any doubt it will!”

And since Porky Pig might state,””Eb, eb, eb, eb, that is all, folks!”