Gérard Darmon is an actor beloved by the public that follows him from film to film since the beginning of 1980s and also the theatre, where the artist who has known the warm school of the café-theatre, in its early days, made appearances remarkable. It was not forgotten The Novel from Lulu of David, Decca, or Spa Amanda Sthers, among others. With time, his character has changed: there are in the men that he interprets something fragile and rather opaque. He does not let easily guess, he likes to give a little mystery to the characters he embodies.

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This is what he does in The Order of things and he thus offers to Bernard Hubert, a thickness and a humanity that affect. Marc Fayet is an author who has the business and of the character. His comedy is not without minor weaknesses, but he holds sincerely to the theme of fatherhood, the “what is to be a son?”, “what is to be a father?”, running into the room.

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It was directed with care by one Richard Berry, who triumph at the Théâtre Antoine in his Argument and put a lot of delicacy in the direction of the actors. At the side of Gérard Darmon, the beautiful Paschal Praise is perfect and Vincent Desagnat surprise in a new page of his spectacular adventures, plural. With this physical voluntarily not current, it adds to the strangeness of Thomas and of his presence… A bit of suspense to add to the charm!

Order of things

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