“At the end of the afternoon, a stormy axis should form over the south of Aquitaine and then rise rapidly towards Périgord, Limousin, Quercy, and the east of Poitou and Charentes, giving strong gusts (up to 100/110 km / h) as well as hail in places”, specified Météo-France in a bulletin.

It is a “stormy episode that is not exceptional for the season but can generate strong gusts and hailstorms”, according to the same source.

The 21 departments concerned are included in a quadrilateral ranging from Landes to the Rhône in the south and from Deux-Sèvres to Cher in the north, while 53 other departments are placed in yellow vigilance.

The areas spared are the west of Brittany, the north of Hauts-de-France, the axis going from the Ardennes to the Bas-Rhin as well as the departments around the Mediterranean.

This call for vigilance, valid until Monday 06:00, comes as France has been going through an episode of heat above normal seasonal levels since April 11, with maximum temperature records broken on Saturday in several places on the territory.