Rival Lukashenko said about the pressure on workers to her campaign headquarters

the Applicant for a post of the head of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski urged to stop collecting signatures for her nomination in Minsk and other major cities. The wife of the opposition blogger, who failed to register as a candidate, said that its supporters arrested.

“due To the fact that people are detained, you are punished with day fines occur provocative actions in the coming days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, do not pickets for collection of signatures in Minsk and in all regional cities,” she said in the video.

As said the representative of the candidate, Alexander Kabanov, in the regions of Belarus restrictions on pickets will not.

President Alexander Lukashenko, who is running for another term, has already collected the necessary 100 thousand signatures. Of the 14 opposing him in the election of politicians is able to do only five.

the difficulties of the current election campaign for Lukashenka, read the article “Rosbalt”.

UPD. Belarusian newspaper later reported “pressure” on the former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko. It is alleged that the searches go in the Bank and the members of the initiative group of the candidate.

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