No scam no Robert de Niro who wants to. Chase Robinson, one of its former employees, has attracted the wrath of the New Yorkers, to the point of suing in a court in New York and ask him / her for 6 million dollars (5.4 million euros), as the precise Variety. The reason for this? Diversion of money and leisure time taken on his work hours.

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Chase Robinson was hired in 2008 by Channel Productions, the company of Robert de Niro, to be his personal assistant, before being appointed vice-president of production and finance. Her salary peaked in 2019 to $ 300,000… but you have to believe that she killed not up to the task. Thus, in the complaint filed against him / her, we learn that she spent “an astronomical number of hours to watch Netflix”. It even has the detail: 55 episodes of Friends in four days in the month of January, 20 episodes of ‘s arrested Development , and ten episodes of Schitt”s Creek in four days in march.

32.000 dollars taxi

in Addition to his appetite for the series, she would not hesitate to use the credit cards of the company for its own needs and desires. In two years, the complaint lists more than 12.700 dollars of meals at the Italian restaurant connected Paola’s in New York city or 9000 dollars of shopping at the supermarkets, upscale Dean and Deluca and Whole Foods. On transport, she would have spent 32.000 dollars into Uber and other taxi…

In his complaint, the actor who has just celebrated his 76-year-old explains: “Watching programs on Netflix was not, near or far, the mission of Chase Robinson and based on what we know and believe, she did it for his own interest and amusement during the hours she was paid for work.

Chase Robinson has left the company in April 2019, calling it “ridiculous” all the charges against him. The young woman has also proposed a draft letter of recommendation to De Niro, as the latter has, unsurprisingly, refused to sign…