Tony Stark is larger than life: Robert Downey Jr., who has played the super-hero Iron Man for eleven years in cinema, seems to be walking in the footsteps of his character. On Tuesday, during a conference organized by Amazon in Las Vegas, the actor is up on stage to present his project of the organization for the defense of the environment. Such a scientific genius of the film world Marvel, it is committed to using robotics, and nanotechnology to save the planet. Who said that Endgame be a sign of the end of the saga in Avengers ?

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“this is what we said: between the robotics and the technology, we could probably clean up the planet, if not entirely, at least significantly in the space of ten years.” While a few months ago, the last movie, Avengers was about to come out on the screens around the world, over at geekwire reports that Robert Downey Jr., him, consulted many experts on the matter. “It is a dream, a mess of logistics, it is impossible. It is it which is exciting,” said the actor to the audience, before adding that he was ready to commit to the project for eleven years.

“A threat huge for our future”

If he did not give more details regarding this large-scale project, the interpreter of Iron Man has already bought the domain name of the site that he called “Footprint Coalition”. There is proposed for the moment with a subscription to a newsletter, to follow each of the steps of this “travel environmental”. “In eleven years, I would have sixty-five years, and if we can sufficiently reduce what I consider to be a threat huge for our future, to leave all this mess behind us… I’ll be back to organize the craziest pots of retirement, and you’re all invited”. The ad was quickly divulging on social networks, where people celebrated the initiative.

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As highlighted in the site DNA , the director of Amazon, which hosted this conference, is that far from wanting to go green. While a part of employees of the giant of the digital mobilized in order to engage society on environmental issues, Jeff Bezos still refuses to meet with the collective. Speaking of Robert Downey Jr. has been the only one in the conference to commit themselves fully to the environment. Fortunately, Iron Man was there.